• Improve your accuracy and focus on the golf course
  • Overcome fears holding you back
  • Enhance intensity in your training and performance
  • Sleep deeply, better recovery
  • Visualize your performance dreams


You’ve Trained Your Body, Now Train Your Mind with Hypnosis for Sports

Get the same custom, competitive edge pro athletes use at a fraction of the cost with sports hypnosis from Performance Sports Hypnosis.

Join the 1% of athletes who have access and use the power of custom sports mind conditioning with sports hypnosis and take your game to the next level!

Are you completely happy with your sports performance? Is it possible your mind has not been trained to help you take it to the max - or worse - your mind might actually be sabotaging your sports performance?

Top athletes around the world know that training their mind, and rehearsing their desired sports outcomes, gives them the edge over athletes who only train their bodies.

How would you like to begin to experience enhanced levels of focus, explosive power, and consistent results in just two weeks?

What would it be worth if we gave you a tool that could get you past training plateaus and bring your sports performance to a totally new level?

Put the proven power of sports hypnosis and visualization to work for your game, no matter your sport. Break into new levels of training, performance and confidence. Enhance what you have already achieved through your physical training.

Other programs offer generic audios but with Performance Sports Hypnosis, you receive the same edge the pros have with a performance-boosting hypnosis audio made just for you. You'll guide certified sports hypnotist Mike Burney with the information he'll use to craft your custom, high-impact hypnosis audio that gets you closer to your personal goals. It all adds up to the greatest possible impact from a sports hypnosis program because it's customized and contains your goals, your specific needs.



1. The Winning Attitude - maintain your winning focus no matter what obstacles you face. Enter every competition with confidence and the powerful expectation to win. This sports hypnosis audio has a $39.95 Value.
2. Relaxing Hypnotic Massage - enjoy the muscle rejuvenation and repair of a professional massage through the power of your mind. $39.95 Value

Imagine How You Can Improve In Your Sport

Hypnosis for Golf

Release distractions and learn to stay in your zone with total focus on where you want the ball to land. Have a bad hold or round? Learn how to bounce back quickly.

Hypnosis for Triathletes

Learn to visualize busting through your personal best and onto a new level of performance. Learn how to push through when you feel challenged and watch as your times improve in every stage. Afraid of the swims? We’ve got your covered.

Hypnosis for Gymnasts

Reduce anticipatory anxiety, improve performance, gain greater confidence, block out distractions.

Hypnosis for Tennis

Learn to see the ball sooner and react more quickly with your own subconscious mind’s ability to process information more quickly. Release anxiety and learn new focus for optimal performance.

Hypnosis for Basketball

Need help on free throws? Utilize hypnosis as you visualize dramatically improving your free throw percentage. Learn to see more of the court and to react more quickly.

"Sometimes the difference between the very good and top-performing athletes can be as simple as providing direction to the subconscious mind. Think of it as your conscious mind being the captain of your ship and your subconscious mind as the crew. Left to their own, the crew may run around your ship without direction, doing little to support your sports performance goals. Amazingly, only a small percentage of athletes take the time to make the connection between the conscious and subconscious and provide powerful direction to the subconscious mind. Tap into the power of your own subconscious mind with sports hypnosis audios for Performance Sport Hypnosis." – Mike Burney, NESTA-Certified Sports Hypnotist

Avid cyclist, sports instructor and NESTA Certified Sports Hypnotist, Mike Burney

sports hypnosis for tennis

"Imagine the performance improvements you can see in just two weeks of listening to your powerful, customized hypnosis audio. ORDER TODAY!"

Sports Hypnosis can improve your:

  • Bowling
  • Motocross
  • Racing
  • Specialty car road racing
  • Martial Arts competition
  • Competitive shooting
  • Team sport visualization sessions
  • Cycling
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Weightlifting
  • Wrestling
  • Tennis
  • Gymnastics
  • Triathlon
  • Marathon
  • Golf
  • And much more